Compare And Contrast Stalin And Superpowers

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As World War Two was coming to an end, the United States shocked the world with the power of science. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan giving a great moral boost to the Americans and the Allies, while also bringing a lot of threat to the outside world. As the countries felt vulnerable to the might of the bomb, the Soviet Union found itself in a hard situation of trying to assert itself as a superpower while also recovering from the war. As Stalin slowly came to power, he gradually became more and more controlling and finally became a dictator. Watching the USSR’s gradual climb to power, the U.S. found it important as the police of the world to keep the USSR in check. Through this paper, I will talk about how the ignorance of the governments led to the conflict between the superpowers. Stalin’s use of repression in the early 1950’s to quickly accelerate the development of the USSR showed the world success could be achieved without a miraculous economic boom the U.S. had. This success was adored by many third world countries and former imperial countries as they believed that they could do something similar in order to increase their own prosperity. What they did not realize was the amount of…show more content…
Similarly, to the U.S. the soviets did not understand the full effects of radiation as their equipment was not up to par with the nuclear weapons they were dealing with. Consequently, some thought they could lick the helicopter that was covered in radiation while others took it very seriously thinking that they needed to wear lead armor. Because Communism did not allow competition, this meant that Scientist where not allowed to be on the cutting edge of the world and there was no incentive for work as there was no gain for anyone except the government. The ban of information and supply and demand caused the Soviet Union great trouble which ultimately led to their

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