How Did The Vietnam War Affect Nga's Life

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Vietnam War was one of the longest war in American history. Many people were fighting in this war and eventually the Americans had to come in and also fight. Many lives were affected either economically and/or physically before and after the war. Like my grandma, Nga Nguyen, her life was affected economically after the war and others were also like her. My grandma and her family lived through the war and had to move eventually and lost many things they owned. Nga lived through the war staying in her hometown until the war arrived in her city causing to and her family to move away. The Vietnam War started on November 1, 1955 and lasted for about 20 years. The French influenced the Vietnam War. France wanted to conquer Vietnam, since Vietnam…show more content…
When it hit Da Nang, Nga and her family had decided to move to a different city in Vietnam losing everything they had and owned. All banks were closed and no one was able to take money. Most people moved once the war had hit their city. Most people moved to Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). Once they lost everything, Nga decided to be a hard worker and live on with her life not being in conflict that she had lost all of her money (interview). Since the Vietnam War had an impact on many people and America (economically), many people in America lost confidence in the U.S. (blaseanwar). Many people protested thinking that they would make a difference in government decisions (blaseanwar). When Saigon went into the powers of the North it caused Saigon to fall, on April 30, 1975 (historylearningsite). When the North was in power many people lost beliefs on Ngo Dinh Diem (Prime Minister) since he declined the national election. He also outsmarted Bao Dai and became the President of the Republic of Vietnam.( People from South Vietnam then disliked Diem for hate towards Buddhist, and soon after the Viet Cong (National Liberation Front) were created and it was an anti government activists including communists and non-communists ( After the war ended, and many people’s lives were ruined many families wanted to immigrate to America and begin a new life in America. People knew they could have more freedom, start over and have a better life with their families. My grandma and grandpa also moved to America and her children and siblings started to move to America every few years to
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