Vietnam War Effects

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Effects of the Vietnam War on USA
The Vietnam War was one of the few military conflicts which USA had been involved that had been suspended because of unprecedented public unfavorability in the country. Increasing public disobedience and demonstrations erupted after continuous revealing of news related to real situation in Vietnam such as the atrocities committed by USA Armed Forces, and large soldier casualties enhanced the scale of transformation which American society had already been undergoing. For example, Inghram (2006) points out the Vietnam War was one of events in the 1960s, by which civil rights organizations were attempting to gain more rights for African-Americans so that they could be integrated racially into
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Since post-war USA economy was not in good shape because of huge military spending and growing inflation, aid which are paid to veterans could not meet their needs fully. Moreover, war participants had encountered some serious medical issues when they return home. There were significant rise on cancer rate alongside other serious diseases among veterans because of extremely harmful effect of poison gas used in the Vietnam War named Agent Orange. Such medical problems were not just restricted with cancer and similar diseases. There were significant number of cases of birth anomalies such genetic and physiological mutations in veterans’…show more content…
As it is discussed in discussion part, the view on the war drastically altered in American public after visualization of real combat conditions by TV and newspaper coverage. It also influenced veterans’ financial and medical status in a negative way which eventually increased social tensions in the society. However, its greatest impact was the fact that it had given significant momentum to the civil rights movement. The study focused on only abovementioned aspects. Apparently, it would be beneficial to investigate from other perspectives as
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