How Did The Vikings Build Greek Gods

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Viking Gods 1. The Vikings were from Scandinavia and they believed in many Gods. The two main families of the Norse Gods were the Aesir Family - sky Gods, and the Vanir Family - earth Gods. The families were at war for a while until they eventually they made peace. 2. The Vikings had many stories and myths about creation, gods and goddesses. The tales and myths were taught to children by stories, this made sure that they were passed through family generations. 3. From tales, Vikings believe that the world was flat and if the sailed far enough they would eventually fall of the edge. 4. Odin was one of the most important Viking Gods. He was the son of Bor, ancestor of the Aesir Family. Odin was the god and lord of battles and was very wise,…show more content…
A Vikings most treasured was his sword and was always past down through generations with stories and some sort of special power. The Vikings would often name their swords with very dramatic names. Social hierarchy 1. Kings - Vikings didn’t have a central government, instead each town or village had there own chief. Kings were the most powerful people in the Viking society. 2. Jarls – next in line on the social scale were the jarls which were the wealthy nobles. They lived in the best houses and employed other Vikings to work for them and also kept Vikings. 3. Karls – the carls were farmers, sailors, craftsmen and warriors 4. Thralls – thralls were at the bottom of the social scale and were the slaves who did all the dirty work. The slaves were captured at war and purchased by tradesman to sell at the markets. 5. Women/Kids – when a female was 15 – 16, the father would go out and find a husband for his daughter and if the girl had no father then the mother would negotiate on his behalf. Kids did not go to school, Karl kids were taught by there parents and Jarl kids were also taught by there parents or they hired
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