How Did The Virginia Plan Proposed A New Form Of Government Essay

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The Constitution of the United States, a document setting up America’s government system. When we broke away from the big, bad king of England after the revolutionary war, we strived to create a government unlike the tyranny we had before, a democracy. The Articles of Confederation were created, giving the states more power then the central government. It got the US nowhere, many problems arised, each state which different money systems, different tax laws, and a central government that had no power over the states. Many people knew this government was not working, and most likely would not last long, so a group of individuals (rich white males) came together to discuss a new form of government, around the idea of federalism. The new idea proposed a strong central government, hoping too hold the new country in a single piece, without tyranny like the place …show more content…

So, we know by now there’s the House of Representatives and the Senate in the legislative branch, the amount of members in each are based off a compromise between the Virginia plan and the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan called for the votes in congress to be based on population, while New Jersey called for the votes to be equal amount states. The House of Representatives is based of the population idea of the Virginia Plan, consisting of no more then 435 members, each state has proportional representation based on population. The Senate, however, is based of the New Jersey Plan, each state having two senators, equal representation among all the states. This way, big states have an advantage in the House, small states have the advantage in the Senate making it very balanced. This way, it allows small states to be heard, and seen in congress. This also, prevents a big state from gaining too much power over the small states, becoming a tyrant highly populated state, would be bad

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