How Did The War Of 1812 Affect America's Foreign Policy

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The war of 1812 pitted the young America against the large empowered force of Britain, as well as many native Americans. This war was a huge influential factor in the growth of America from that point on. Britain's tyrannical rule over America and Canada eventually brought America to war. Although they suffered many casualties, American troops pushed the redcoats back and boosted the nation's confidence. The outcome of this war affected America’s foreign policies, economy, and society as a whole. The first important effect the war of 1812 had was the way it changed foreign policy for America. One of the major problems before the war, was the way Britain forced neutral nations trade to go through British authorities first. Not only that but they’d take American seamen and force them into the British navy. This whole ordeal caused great upset in America and cause them to put up a bill that stated they would cut off trade with either Britain or France if the other dropped their trade restrictions. As well as this Britain was influencing native Americans against the settlers. All this dispute would cause America to go to war with their former cousin.…show more content…
As well as affecting foreign relations, Britain's strict trade restrictions on America had a large impact on America's economy. Britain themselves passed a bill in court forcing american trade ships to dock in British harbors and then afterwards would tax them for it. As well as this war comes with many debts from hiring infantry to buildings the weapons and ships they used. The war of 1812 did have a significant impact on America’s economy but was still considered a success by most
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