How Did The War Of 1812 Dbq

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The doctrine didn’t make great change at it’s time but was revived during Polk’s presidency and eventually became an important national principle. The War of 1812 was a result of the events that occurred during Britain’s conflicts with France. America declared itself a sovereign nation during the conflicts between Britain and France but the British still punished the nation through the Orders in Council and impressment. The practice of impressment combined with American embargo policies pushed America to declare war on Britain in 1812 because Britain showed no respect for America’s sovereignty and proved that it wouldn’t change it’s restrictive trading policies despite America’s peaceful attempts. America declared war on Britain in 1812 largely because of Britain’s practice of impressment. Although America chose to stay sovereign during Britain’s war with France, the British still kidnapped thousands of American sailors and forced them to work for the Royal Navy. Working for the Royal Navy was difficult work and some men died or were even killed during their service. Although impressment might’ve been practiced for centuries in Britain and they…show more content…
The British impressed thousands of American sailors into the Royal Army, punishing Americans despite America’s state of sovereignty during Britain’s war with France. This blatant disrespect of America’s neutrality was a big factor in America’s decision to declare war against Britain. Furthermore, the British still kept the Orders in Council even after America passed several embargo policies hoping for change. The policies were ignored by the British and Americans were only harmed by Jefferson and Madison’s attempts for peace. Ultimately, the War of 1812 was due to Britain’s inability to respect America as a nation separate from the French and British
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