How Did The West Transform Into An Industrialized American Society

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In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century America, The West, Industrial and Financial growth, Immigration, and Technological Innovation all took part in the society change in America. The change that resulted from these four things was that the American society would begin as a rural agricultural society and then would transform into an industrial metropolitan society. Major issues like the wipe out of bison in the West, American Indians being confined to reservations, the American Civil War, the capacity of the American Industry, bankers allowing businessmen large amounts of money to expand operations, and many other events and actions would lead to a more industrialized American society. The West had an impact on societies development because, with the completion of the railroads, it brought major economic development and opened up areas of the West for settlement. Many settlers came from a variety of areas to farm and mine including white settlers from the east and black settlers from the deep south. The black settlers came from the deep south because promoters from all-black western towns had told them that they would…show more content…
By the end of the war American Industry was small, and hand labor would remain widespread which would limit the capacity of the industry. After the war the Industry of America would change very dramatically, hand labor was replaced by machinery this would increase the production capacity tremendously. The new railways would provide for goods being distributed very far. Inventors would innovate new and wanted products to the public then the businesses would be able to provide products quickly and in much larger quantities. Another thing about Industrial Growth was that investors and bankers would help business leaders by supplying them with huge amounts of money so that they would be able to expand their
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