How Did The Whiskey Rebellion Affect Society

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How Did the Whiskey Rebellion Affect the Country? In order to understand how the Whiskey rebellion affected this country we first need to understand what our country fought for during the Revolutionary War. We all know the war was for independence, but that was not the entire reasoning behind the war. There were three things that we fought against during the war the first was the fact that our country was being oppressed by the King. The second was tyranny, and the last was being the taxes being imposed on the colonies. These are some of the most important reasons we sought our independence. The Whiskey Rebellion affected our country in ways that was not thought could happen and most of the people thought that they fighting against taxes had gone in vain, and they felt that the newly formed government had stabbed them in the back by going against what …show more content…

The country was also affected because it seemed that people were working hard to build something for themselves and their families as most people felt that the government was not on the same page and in support of the needs of the people. There seemed to be a lot of animosity toward the government from those in rural areas that needed to sell for their support of their selves and to pay for labor. So can we answer the question as to how the Whiskey Tax affected the country? Yes we can but the answer would really depend on how each person supports the ideas of the current administration. The effect of this tax could be seen as a positive or a negative. When it comes to the research the tax has affected the country in a negative way, simply because the war was fought because of taxes that were seen as not needed as well the fact that the country fought the British to oppose taxes, and then Washington turns around and imposes a tax on the people after what they sacrificed to fight for the right to be free of taxes and to be supportive of their new government was tough because people did not have money to pay taxes at

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