How Did The White Rose Resistance To Nazi Rise To Power

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As the Nazi’s rose to power, many Germans accepted their rule. However, some Germans and other Europeans resisted the movement and spoke out against the Regime. Early opponents to the Nazis were Communist, Socialist, and trade union leaders because they threatened their rise to power because of their different ideologies. Jews and Non- Jews alike resisted the Nazi movement in Germany and in areas controlled by the Nazis during World War II. Even though the Gestapo, the secret police, and the Security Service tried to suppress criticism against the Regime through fear, torture, and executions but a few people resisted and risked their lives to stand up for those who lost their voices because of the persecution. In Germany, small resistance…show more content…
In France the Provisional National Committee of the Free French started and they sabotaged and assaulted German officials. In other areas, like Denmark, they killed informers, raided German military facilities, and leaders in the trade union started strikes to protest the cruel treatment or minority groups mostly Jews by the Nazi Regime. In the Slovak regions, guerrilla fighters attacked, and assassinated the German soldiers. Finally, in Poland, the Home Army rose against the Nazis in Warsaw and they fought for two months before surrendering. One famous resistant movement is the White Rose resistance that was made up of a group of college students. They transported and mailed pamphlets that spoke out against the Nazis. The students philosophy professor guided the movement and helped the students with their act of resistance. They spoke out against the Nazis through the pamphlets and distributed them to as many people in order to expose how the Nazis were treating specific groups. The White Rose also encouraged the sabotage of the armaments industry. Eventually, they were all executed for their act of
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