How Did Theodore Roosevelt Affect The Economy

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Franklin Roosevelt was a very influential and important president in American history who had an immense impact on the American economy and social policy during the 1930’s and 40’s and throughout the future of America, he also shared some ideas with the author John Steinbeck. He idolized Theodore Roosevelt, and took great inspiration from him. He has served as president for longer than any other president in history, serving for three terms instead of the usual two that is generally accepted as the maximum amount of time that a president can serve. He drove America out of the great depression and through the second world war. Roosevelt changed the national economy, and the government’s role in the economy in colossal ways. He made it so that the federal government in America had a vastly greater control over the economy than in previous years. This is…show more content…
He promised that the government would intervene in the economy to provide relief for the great depression, he proposed a ‘new deal’ that would give millions of Americans jobs and create a more stable US economy. “Roosevelt faced the greatest crisis in America since the Civil War.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt Biography). In the beginning of his presidency, he began to make good on his promises, he created many agencies and associations to help get the economy under control and to help lower the unemployment rate. As the economy was stabilizing and the unemployment rates and GDP were beginning to rise back up to normal levels, he fell under criticism for putting too much power in the government’s hands for controlling the economy. He was also accused of putting the nation into debt and not managing the national budget very well. He reacted to these criticisms with the social security program heavier taxes on the wealthy, more government control over banks, and safety nets for the unemployed. This program is still majorly affecting America to this
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