Theodore Roosevelt's Presidency

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Not much has changed for the President in the Constitution of the United States, but the interpretation of those things has varied throughout the life of the US. The constitution has been amended only 27 times, and the small document contains all the information we need to run a country. Through interpretation, the United States have been successful for the last XX years.
In 1933, Theodore Roosevelt was elected to be the 32nd president of the United States. (MORE INFO HERE) Since the creation of television in 1927, its popularity had grown tremendously. In 1939, Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to speak on public television. In a powerful call to action, President Roosevelt changed the office of the presidency forever. He created
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These duties include appointing ambassadors, nominating federal judges, and pardoning people. The president cannot officially make legislation and cannot force Congress to do so, but he has obtained implied powers through interpretation of the Constitution. The Presidency is an honored position, but was very limited until Theodore Roosevelt changed a few things. “What had been largely an administrative position, subordinate in many ways to Congress, grew into the locus of policymaking and the office everyone looked to for leadership on issues large and…show more content…
In an article by The Huffington Post, Obama is seen to be borrowing Roosevelt’s tactics. Using the ‘bully pulpit,’ Obama has brought attention to certain issues our country has faced. In 2013, Obama said, “I’m challenging CEOs from some of America’s best companies to hire more Americans who’ve got what it takes to fill that job opening but have been laid off so long no one will give their resume an honest look.” Obama used his position as President to help those in need within our own country, which is impressive when most of a President’s power is related to international affairs. In this call to action, pressure is placed upon companies to give people additional chances to prove themselves, and people are challenged to get up and make a difference in their lives. Encouraging the American people is a vital responsibility of the President because without the people, there can be no
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