How Did Theodore Roosevelt Contribute To The Progressive Government

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The Progressive Era took place in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, it marked and transformed the United States as well as its government. Many groups were an important part of the process that helped this transformation occur. New concepts of government and changes were made based on those notions. Political reforms took place in every aspect of the government. Roosevelt set the pace for progressive reform at the federal level. When he became president he clearly said that he would not run for re-election, but after losing confidence in his successor, Taft, he decided to oppose him for the Republican presidential nomination. Progressivism contributed to the origin of modern American politics and government.
Woodrow Wilson won
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He wrote several books and had a career in Republican politics. Becoming president at the age of 42 he was the youngest person to assume the presidency. He became president of the United States when the former president, McKinley, died after being shot in an event. Theodore served as the overseer of the people. He dealt with problems by mediating the conflict between the organization and the people. He also made a great change in the presidency and the authority of the federal government. This is because he became president in what historians called The Progressive Era; where many reforms took place. Roosevelt believed in courage, honesty, and in a democracy that had the desire to serve the people. In his autobiography he stated that his theory “that the executive power was limited only by specific restrictions and prohibitions appearing in the constitution or imposed by the congress under its constitutional powers” (Page 482). Roosevelt could not stand that what was a necessity for the nation could not be done by the president unless someone authorized it. No longer did he want for people to see the president as a servant of Congress rather than of the people. So he used the executive power to serve the people in cases that constitution did not allow him to. He did not want to take advantage of the power he had, rather he wanted to extend the use of the executive power by serving the necessity of the nation. To make the government the most efficient as possible. Roosevelt wanted to make democracy industrial and political. He believed that the “constitution should be used to help the people in every power for its own betterment” (Page
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