How Did Theodore Roosevelt Establish Environmentalism

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Fletcher Kaplan-James
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What were the most important contributions Teddy Roosevelt made to help establish American conservation and environmentalism? During the 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt and others drew attention to the inherent need for conservation land within the United States. People like Gifford Pinchot and John Muir were among the names that's supported the preservation of the wilderness in general. These men still had their differences. Pinchot, who was the chief forester during Theodore Roosevelt's Administration, promoted use of the term conservation and lobbied for support of sustained yield management principles and the creation of a national forest system managed by those principles. Muir was a man who favored the preservation of Scenic Wilderness areas and not that natural resources were meant to be used. In 1901 to 1909 President Roosevelt signed legislation establishing five new national parks. These parks are Crater Lake, Wind Cave, Sully's Hill, Mesa Verde, and Platt. President Roosevelt also introduced the Antiquities Act which enabled presidents to Proclaim historic landmarks or prehistoric
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One of these values was the notion of being the greatest country and they did this with the discovery of natural resources which led to technological advances within the country. Roosevelt claimed “It is safe to say that the prosperity of our people depends directly on the energy and intelligence with which are natural resources are used. It is equally clear that these resources are the final basis of National Power and perpetuity.” Roosevelt called for a conservation policy that involve moving away from a governmental laissez-faire or a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering, approach to public Land Management and towards a centralization of efficient governmental control of natural
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