How Did Theodore Roosevelt Influenced

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When I say the word “influential”, what comes to mind? Maybe you mother father, or a celebrity you're fond of. But when I hear influential, I think of Theodore Roosevelt, our twenty-sixth president. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. was born on Wednesday, October 27, 1858 in New York. He was greeted by his two older siblings, Baime and Corrine. Shortly after his birth, his youngest sibling, Elliott was born. He lived in New York throughout his childhood, giving him the opportunity to witness Abraham Lincoln’s funeral by looking out a window with his younger brother. Despite the fact that Theodore is known lay recognized by the nickname “Teddy”, throughout his childhood, he despised the nickname, so he asked his family to call him “Teedie”. For Theodore’s education, he was homeschooled as he had an illness and asthma. It was very common to be homeschooled during this time, do to all the illnesses spreading around. When Theodore’s father died, it influenced him to persevere and always try his best, especially academically. Weird enough, do to his death, Theodore was triggered enough to change laws. …show more content…

He worked there until his mother, Martha Bulloch Roosevelt, and wife, Alice Hathaway, died (coincidentally on the same day), leading him into quitting his job and becoming a cowboy do to depression. They both lost their lives on February 14, 1984. Theodore had his elder sister care for his first child, Alice, when he would go to work. A few years afterward, he married his childhood friend, Edith Carrow. He had five kids with her, Kermit, Quentin, Theodore Jr., Archibald and Ethel. He was then elected governor of New York in

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