How Did Thomas Cole Influence Civilization

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Thomas Cole was originally born in Lancashire, England in 1801. In 1818 he and his parents moved to America. Cole’s father wanted him to be a lawyer. However, Cole self-thought himself in the art where he found his true passion on painting. Cole always found picturesque landscapes for which showed interest at an early age. Cole suddenly became a recognizable artist working in cities such as Ohio, Pittsburg and Philadelphia where he came to work with the Philadelphia academy. In 1828, Cole moved to New York where he discovered the beauty of the Catskill Mountains in New York. Later, this landscape would be an inspiration for his works which came to the attention of famous figures in New York. Cole traveled all around the world, where he met prominent people that were delightful with his work, and that made him to gain his reputation as a landscape artist.…show more content…
Later, Cole met a successful businessman named Luman Reed who helped Cole to open his first private library named “The course Empire.” Also, in 1845 another one of his most successful works portrayed the American wildlife and how it was being impacted thanks to influence of civilization. Cole’s works advocated mainly on his concerns about the impact of industrialization, the construction of the railroad around the Virginia lands, and the negative influence they had on the Catskills Mountains which were the main inspiration for his works. One true about Cole was that he considered nature as an essential part of his life and works, so his works more than portraying a landscape had a sentimental
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