How Did Thomas Hutchinson Influence The Boston Tea Party

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Thomas Hutchinson was a businessman,historian,and an important loyalist politician of Massachusetts bay in the years before the american revolution.

The son of a merchant, Thomas Hutchinson devoted himself to business before beginning his career In 1737 as a member of the General Court of Massachusetts Bay, where he served almost nonstop until 1749. He continued to rise in politics by serving as a member of the state council as lieutenant governor of the superior court (britannica). Then he became the Massachusetts Royal governor.He wrote letters that said "an abridgement of what are called British liberties,and a great restraint of natural liberty.In the colonies the letters convinced the americans that the british are trying to destroy their political freedom(“SparkNotes.”) Thomas Hutchinson, chief justice and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts despite his goal to prevent passage of the dreaded Stamp Act was violently hated by the people of Boston. But he was deeply loyalist and resisted the gradual movement toward independence from
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Against the advice of both houses of the legislature, in 1773 he insisted that a shipment of imported tea be landed before being given clearance papers this resulted in The Boston tea Party in which dissidents dumped the import into the harbour.As the tension worsened, Hutchinson was replaced by General Thomas Gage as military governor. He sailed to England and acted as an adviser to George III and to the British ministry on North American affairs at that time he counseled moderation. He wrote (History of the Colony and Province of Massachusetts Bay). (Thomas
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