How Did Thomas Jefferson Explore The West?

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The Louisiana Purchase was an 828,000,000 square mile amount of land that the United States bought from France. This purchase doubled the size of the U.S. At the time the deal was made the U.S. had no idea what was on the other side of the country. Thomas Jefferson organized an expedition to explore the land. There were four people that were extremely instrumental in helping with exploration of the west. The people were William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Sacagawea, and Zebulon Pike. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were both smart despite Williams lack of formal schooling. Lewis hunted, fished, and made herbal medicines. Clark became an experienced geographer, mapmaker, and nature artist. Both men were former captains in the army. Before the expedition Lewis spent weeks studying about the things he would…show more content…
army. Zebulon, like Lewis and Clark, was sent to explore the western areas of present day North America. He was sent to the more southwestern region of the states. Jefferson ordered Pike to find the starting point of the Red River. While exploring he traveled into Spanish held lands and was arrested because they thought he was a spy. Once released he finished his exploration and returned to the United States. Before he returned he made some important business ties with the Spaniards. Pike’s explorations gave Americans their very first description of the southwestern lands. All four of these historically amazing people have done remarkable things for our country. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark found routes across the western part of the United States and the Rocky Mountains which led to the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea interpreted for the explorers and Indians, identified plants, and was seen as a sign of friendliness for the explorers. Zebulon Pike traveled through the lower region of the United States, tightened friendships with Spain, and gave the U.S. the first description of the southern
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