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Thomas Jefferson, A Man in the Revolutionary War Reed L. Calkins Heading: Thomas Jefferson, an amazing man to say the least. Born in May of 1473, he did many selfless and amazing things. He fought in the Revolutionary War, believe in freedom and fought for it, and even wrote the Declaration of Independence. Based off of these things, one could see that Thomas Jefferson has done some amazing things, but one might ask, "how does this apply to me, and how is this person who passed away many years ago important to me?" Well, that answer is about to be answered. Thomas Jefferson When He Was a Child Thomas Jefferson wasn’t always the famous President Jefferson a lot of people know him as. He was a child to once. According to, …show more content…

He traveled around Burgesses while a lawyer, and while traveling, "he met and fell in love with twenty-three-year-old Martha Wayles Skelton, a wealthy widow and daughter of a prominent Virginia lawyer and landowner" (Onuf). They married in 1772, and got a pretty rundown house, but thanks to Jefferson himself (and some slave laborers), he was able to make it a lot better than how it was. He had seven kids, four girls and three boys. Fighting in the Revolutionary War: Thomas Jefferson was a founding father of America, but of course there was a Battle before that. Jefferson wrote pieces of literature like the "Summary View of the Rights of British America," and the Declaration of Independence. He was an amazing writer During and After the Revolutionary War: During the War, Jefferson served as a governor of Virginia. When he was almost captured by the British, He fled and barely escaped. Sadly though, this was taken as a sign of cowardliness. Long after the War, Jefferson began to serve under George Washington. He looked up to Washington. When he reluctantly became President, a crisis in France had passed, and that was settling for him. He got elected for President a seond time, and died, on the day that he helped earned, Independence Day, July 4.

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