How Did Thomas Newcomen Use Steam Engine

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United Kingdom: Thomas Newcomen with the Steam Engine By: Kaylee, Alex, Krista, and Lindsay (Lindsay) Thomas Newcomen Thomas Newcomen was the man who put together the prototype for the first steam engine. Thomas Newcomen was born in 1663 in a town called Dartmouth. He was also a blacksmith from Dartmouth, England. He invented the steam engine in 1712 it was also known as the “Atmospheric Steam Engine.” (Lindsay) Steam Engine The steam engine generally used the atmospheric pressure to push down on a piston. The piston would be brought down when the steam condensed and made a vacuum within the cylinder. Newcomen’s steam engine was different from other steam-powered machines. The engine did not rely just on the steam pressure provided by the…show more content…
Newcomen’s steam engine was first used to draw water out of mines. The steam engine would be perfected, and later, it would be used to make mills and factories. The factories would be able to use the steam engine to transport their materials that were made. They could be transported trains and ships, and the transportation was more efficient than it previously was. Importance of the Steam Engine Steam engines today are used in different factories than what they were used for back then. They are now used to power nuclear plants for nuclear energy. They are also used in geothermal power plants to make the geothermal power for homes. This is providing a new and green efficient way to gain power today. Steam Engine Contributions to the United Kingdom The steam engine provided many contributions to the United Kingdom. It allowed people to start making textiles more efficiently. Plus, with the mass production that came, more workers were needed, which led to increased employment. It also led to increased transportation. Being able to transport items more quickly and efficiently helped boost the economy. The steam engine would spread from the United Kingdom and beyond. The spreading of the invention shows its importance because it shows that more people needed the invention to help their country
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