How Did Thomas Paine Change The World

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Without Thomas Paine’s writings America may have never been able to start or finish their fight for freedom; Thomas Paine was an inspiration to many. Thomas Paine was a well educated man, he completed school in England and became a tax collector; a job he was fired from on two separate occasions. In fact his experience as a working man led to Paine’s first seditious writings, a paper written on behalf of the working men, fighting for better conditions and fair pay. Because Paine was so adamant on several topics and had such controversial beliefs, he became known to many households by the end of the eighteenth century. When Paine immigrated to the American colonies he staunchly support the continental army; he wrote several pieces supporting the fight for independence, one of the most popular being his pamphlet, Common Sense. Thomas Paine was great man who did great things; however, it was really his writings that changed the world. Thomas’ pamphlet, Common Sense, was such an inspiration for many colonists who wanted their independence and even swayed those who wanted reconciliation to support the independence movement. Common Sense was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine that called for american independence under the colonial continental congress. This pamphlet was essentially the…show more content…
Common Sense inspired the colonials, which in turn inspired the continental congress to put America on the right track to Freedom from the tyrannical power of England. Without the Crisis Papers the American troops probably wouldn’t have kept moral and their attacks on Trenton could have possibly ended in failure. And had it not been for Paine’s pamphlet The Rights of Man, the English people may have never challenged the parliamentary ideals forced upon them. Without Thomas Paine and his writings the world would most likely not be what it is
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