How Did Thomas Paine Contribute To American Independence

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Thomas Paine, born in Thetford, England in 1737, would later in life write a pamphlet that swayed opinions to support independence from England. Before immigrating to America in 1774, Paine worked as an excise man, collecting taxes. Before being fired from his job, in 1772 he published a pamphlet aiding his fellow excise men. After being fired from his job, he declared bankruptcy and, with Benjamin Franklin, immigrated to America. Arriving in Philadelphia in 1774, Paine became a journalist and wrote for Pennsylvania Magazine. Often writing about his views on the abomination that is slavery, he began to write other works such as the renown Common Sense. Being the English-American political activist, philosopher, and revolutionary he was; he was an influence to many and an outgoing character. From his writings to his actions; he played an important role towards America's independence and development.…show more content…
The pamphlet challenged that the British constitution was based on an ancient tyranny. Also in the pamphlet, he claimed that we, (the colonies), could make our own laws, and that we don’t have to follow the British monarchy. Thomas Paine also personally wanted Americans to become independent. The author of my source says that before the publication of Common Sense, the idea of independence was only thought of those who were viewed as radical and that Paine himself acknowledged the radicalism of his idea. See now, it took a pamphlet to truly push people towards independence. It gave them a sort of boost of confidence that they aren't alone, and that its perfectly possible to separate from England. After the publication of the pamphlet, it opened doors for debate and consideration
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