How Did Thomas Paine Create A Moral Society

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A Response A belief in the moral society to create a government in which they control the sin, yet agreeably aids disadvantaged. Thomas Paine, an activist of the Americas, argued simply that there was no representation within the monarch, and that the representation of democracy would allow elected officials, not wealthy/religious babysitters of the English parliament. The ideas within Common Sense were conveyed as ambitious and simple, to appeal to the rebels. Those who wrote in response to the pamphlet only doomed themselves by confirming Paine's opinions. Monarchy Morality Mortality Although those who came to the Americas were originally from England, they each gathered in communities to express their own religious freedoms from prosecution. The success of the colonies was made possible by the British monarch, but they evolved and became self-sufficient. England caught wind of a revolution and settled on war, but the rebellion would have never began without prompt. In Paine's political pamphlet he describes the monarch as sin. That within the bible God refused the idea of a king, but eventually decided to allow the Jews. He then moves to…show more content…
The idea conveyed in Common Sense simply describes a line between society and government. His values were basically strive to make a positive and progressive society, then deal with the responsibility of government. Government was designed to protect and serve, not mandate and rule like the monarch. So he offered the already established colonies to create a representative democracy. Representative democracy is similar to direct democracy, yet in representative the people vote for elected officials to represent them while in direct democracy a majority votes. Today, this has changed into new form which has the same fundamentals. So to truly understand how this idea of society and independence resonated with most of colonies lays in the simplest form of
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