How Did Tituba Salem Witch Trials

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First, the Salem Witch Trials happened in 1692. In Salem Village, the minister’s daughter, Betty Parris, and his niece, Abigail Williams, severely got sick. The girls felt pinching sensations, knife like pains, and the feeling of being choked. Everybody thought it was witchcraft, the girls accused three women, the first was Tituba. Tituba told the girls stories, and showed them magic tricks. As time passed, people started to question the Salem Witch Trials and how it all started. Around the early 1970s. Linda Caporael, a college student, found out that the Salem farmers farmed their rye and wheat in damp and swamp areas. While the wheat grew inside the swamp areas, a fungus called ergot started to building up around it. Ergot can cause food poisoning; vomiting, hallucinations, muscle spasms, and etc. Since most people in Salem ate wheat related things, the girls had to get sick too. I believed that the girls made up a lie because they were bored as Puritan children. If everybody else in the town was so sick and blamed witchcraft, the Salem Witch Trials would’ve already been started. Puritans don’t have that much freedom, but to go to church. Puritans aren’t allowed to be an individual or have much imagination, including the children. The girls blamed Tituba because she showed them fun things and opened up their imagination. …show more content…

Children would do chores, and attend church just like everybody else. Nobody couldn’t be their own individual or show any emotions. Some children would have little toys or games. Puritan children will get punished for doing things that are “ Sinful distractions”. They had to chance to read the bible and learn about evil spirits including witchcraft. I believe that Abigail Williams and Betty Parris were just two bored kids that started a little lie that turned out to be huge. Abigail Williams and Betty Parris were probably fascinated about witchcraft and wanted to

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