How Did Tokutomi Soho's Contribution To The Westernization Of Japan?

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The Meiji Era of Japanese history was a significant period of time that saw the shifting of Japan into a Western-oriented nation. In order to maintain pace with surrounding countries and their development, the Japanese consolidated their approach in order to compete and benefit from other nations. Beginning in 1868, this long-term event initially intended to shift Imperial rule to Japan. Beginning in 1868 and although there had been an emperor prior to the Meiji restoration period, this era strengthened the political system under the Emperor of Japan. The Japanese mainly relied on imported ideals during restoration in order emulate Western nations who, in the Japanese eyes were advanced and powerful. Due to the fact that Western nations were involved in Imperialism prior to and during the same time as the Meiji period, the wealth and power the European nations gained stood out to the Japanese. During the 44 years of Meiji restoration,…show more content…
Being one of the original members of the Kumamoto Band, Soho initially became influenced heavily by Janes through aspects such as Christianity, Western ideals and science through ideas such as theoretical Democracy (De Bary 127). One of the ways the strong belief of Japanese societal change reached the public was through Soho and his publishing career. He worked in writing and published his thoughts and beliefs of which were influenced by Janes. Some of his works, however, were radical (Summerfield 132). Due to the fact that Soho's beliefs were spread through his writing to the public, it could have affected the society around him as people began to understand more on a Western bias. The sharing of his ideas and perspective could have had the potential to change some Japanese people’s beliefs to accommodate Western change. Soho attempted to change Japanese mindset by sharing his thoughts with the public through his published

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