How Did Tom Robinson Put On Trial

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Tom Robinson was put on trial on August 26th, 1935 for the raping of Mayella Violet Ewell and was found guilty not much longer after that. The crime, November 21st, 1934, has two different views- the Ewell’s and then Tom’s. I, Jem Atticus Finch, believe Tom Robinson is not guilty for numerous reasons. My dad, Atticus Finch was the defendant of Tom Robinson and I too wish to defend him. I’m a twelve year old boy living in Maycomb County with my Aunt, father, and sister. Tom Robinson is actually crippled due to his left arm being caught in a cotton gin when we was younger, thus stripping him from most tissues and muscles in that particular arm. This incapability controverses with a lot of what Robert E. Lee Ewell, the father of Mayella Ewell, …show more content…

“He got me round the neck, cussin’ me an’ saying’ dirt–– I fought’n’hollered, but he had me round the neck. He hit me agin an‘ agin—”[ Page 180] This quote came directly from Mayella’s dialect and there is certainly one thing wrong with it, and should be taken into question. In order to clout Mayella and choke her would be a very difficult task for Tom, as his left arm doesn’t give too much help. For him to be clutching Mayella by the throat with one arm and to be creating large bruises with the other is physically impossible. Mayella's bruises showed mostly on the right side of her face. Commonly, if an attacker’s left hand is their dominant, they’d strike mostly on the right side, and vice versa. Tom’s left hand wouldn’t be able to cause so much damage, like the black eye found on her right side. If Tom’s not the attacker because he’s right handed, then who’s the left handed assailant? Bob Ewell was asked to write his name on a paper during the trial, he was found to be left handed. I watched from the balcony with my sister as I excitedly but softly mumbled “We’ve got him” [Page 178] Bob Ewell was the one to beat up Mayella Ewell, not

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