How Did Toronto Benefit The Olympics?

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The mayor of Toronto has decided to back out of the bid that the people of Toronto were looking forward to. The bid was for the 2024 Summer Olympics that the city of Toronto was craving for years. In my opinion, Toronto was the perfect city for athletes to gather and also Toronto 's fans to unite and cheer for there nation. It is a once in a lifetime experience. With the result of the Pan Am games and huge turnout to games, Toronto has proved to be the city. Another reason, why Toronto should have hosted the Olympics were because Toronto has one of the biggest fan bases in the world. If money was the issue, the mayor has underestimated the fans of the best city in the world. With fans like auto Toronto, we would have made more money than spending…show more content…
Hosting the Olympics would not only put millions and millions of eyes on Toronto but also will provide long-term benefits and services to the people of Toronto. We know this will cost a lot of money, but what is the mayor 's job? They want to provide all this for Toronto, and ny hosting the Olympics, we can have the Olympics and also work on building our infrastructure at the same time. That 's 2 in 1. In both situations, they got to work on the infrastructure, so why not spend a little more and host the Olympics as well. It will be a long-term investment. Transportation and roads in Toronto will be upgraded, if the Olympics were to be held. Also, this will bring in tourism money in Toronto as people around the world will see the scenic views of Toronto. This will make dumb want to visit Toronto. The whole world will see how great the city actually is. Therefore, Toronto should be hosting the Olympic Games.

With all these reasons provided, in my opinion Toronto should 've hosted the Olympic games in 2024. Toronto was the perfect city to host it and with fans like us, the city should of gifted us with this opportunity. We also have one of the largest fan bases in the world and I think we deserved it this time. Not only is this affecting athletes, it would provide amazing services for the city of Toronto. Therefore, in my opinion Toronto has been long waiting and deserved
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