How Did Trans-Atlantic Trade Influence The British North American Colonies

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The trans-Atlantic was an elaborate coastal trade route through which the colonies sold goods to one another, linking the North American colonies to England, continental Europe, and the West coast of Africa through the exchange of slaves, raw materials, and manufactured goods. One of the main impacts this Triangle Trade had was on the laboring systems of the new colonies which left some systems to their original plans of , while new ideas were also introduced. The trans-Atlantic route created opportunities in British North America from 1600-1763 that allowed colonies to maintain their original intentions of working to search for resources for Europe, while also opening many new doors which allowed growth in both labor and trade procedures in all parts of…show more content…
Since there were more resources in the colonies, more people were seeking the freedom of expanding their families and business, for example in the South many of those that had difficult lives in England were able to grow massive plantations and make enormous profit with cash crops. As the population increased, the want and need for more resources continued to grow. Before, when the Europeans first settled they were looking to make bare minimum and just get by, but as opportunities increased, the population followed. As the population grew, the need for food and more labor was obvious and the trans-Atlantic route allowed the transport of enslaved Africans to be brought to the colonies to work on the large farms that were producing a surplus of resources for moth america and England. With large plantations the need for intense labor was prevalent, and the with labor available from slaves, cash crops were able to expand massively. Overall, the trade that took place between Europe and the colonies caused many changes in the lives of the settlers that created new generations to thrive in the New
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