How Did Truman Go To College

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Do you think that every president should go to college? If a president doesn't go to college, do you think that they are educated enough to run our country. Truman didn't have a normal life he had to work hard for everything. He was very limited to what he could do during school. He worked many jobs throughout his lifetime but still had time for his wife and to run for president and became the 33rd president of the United States. He did a lot as president such as passing the Truman Doctrine, which he left a pretty good legacy from being in office like when he ended World War II. Harry had a very interesting and successful life. Harry’s early life was far from normal and it wasn't really as fair as the other children that were in his class. He was born in Missouri on May 4, 1884. His family was very poor and could not afford much. At recess he was not allowed to go outside and play with his friends because his mom bought him a pair of…show more content…
Truman worked very hard to limit the big debt problem by raising taxes and cutting the spending of the government. The surplus that he got from raising taxes and cutting spendings would go directly to the national debt. When the economy started to stall he dropped the taxes. When the Korean War started Truman was still able to keep the taxes low and the inflation steady. Harry Truman left a pretty good legacy as president. The biggest thing that he did was probably ending World War II, which was a huge deal for the United States. The second thing that left a pretty good legacy for Truman was the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, which killed many people but saved many lives too. Another thing that Truman left behind when he was in office was the NATO which is a National Atlantic Treaty Organization. The reason Truman created this was to help strengthen Western Allies. Also the state of Israel became a state and was immediately
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