How Did Truman Lose Ww2

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Some decisions in this world seem impossible to make. The hardest decisions force a person to question their character and ask themselves whether the outcome of the decision will be worth it in the long run. Harry S. Truman faced this problem as he decided to use nuclear weapons against Japan in World War II. He had two options: either use the atomic bomb to end the war, and let the people of Japan suffer untold destruction or he could take his chances of a longer war with unforeseen results. Ultimately, Truman decided to drop the bomb, and Japan is still suffering from the effects of it. During the years of World War II, a group of American scientists, including refugee scientists from Europe, began further research of nuclear weapons. They had their first successful test run in July 1945, a month before the bombings in Japan. By this time, America had already accepted Germany’s surrender; however, Japan was still determined to win the…show more content…
Within a couple of days, survivors were affected by the radiation. Those affected from high exposure suffered from hair loss, internal bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and delirium. Most people affected usually died within a couple of days. Those affected by lower levels of exposure had a slightly better chance of living, but suffered from many problems. These problems included miscarriage in pregnant women, damage to the immune system, and thermal burns. Although there were many short-term effects of the war, there were many long-term effects as well. The most significant long-term effect is cancer. The common types of cancer caused by radiation exposure are thyroid cancer and leukemia. Even after twenty years, children of those exposed to radiation were born with birth defects. People also suffered from keloids, scars that swelled after healing, and cataracts, the condition of foggy eyes. These effects would affect people for many years after the bombs were
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