How Did Tybalt Kill Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Have you ever wanted to or even attempted to kill someone who was not supposed to be invited to your party but somehow found out about it. No, did not think so. If you have read the play of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare then you may think of Tybalt think of killing people for coming to parties. Tybalt, in Romeo and Juliet had been mad because someone came to the party hosted by the Capulets who should not have. He then proceeded to try to kill them. Tybalt is most responsible for the events in Romeo and Juliet. Tybalt did not like that Romeo found out about the party hosted by the Capulets. If he didn't like it when Romeo found out about it, then how do you think he felt when he found Romeo lounging around the party.…show more content…
Not to mention the man of the house and host of the party said to leave Romeo alone. So Tybalt should have just let it go and not tried to kill Romeo because he then proceeded with his plan to kill hominid messed up and killed someone else who he should not have killed. Some people may say or think that Friar Lawerence and Friar John are at fault because they married the young couple and then did not get the message about the plan through to Romeo. However that is not true because Tybalt is at fault. Tybalt made trouble, killed Mercutio, and then proceeded to make trouble. Friar Lawrence is not at fault for the six deaths in Romeo and Juliet because of marrying the star crossed lovers. Also Friar John is. It at fault because there was a plague. Tybalt is most at fault for the events and deaths in Romeo and Juliet. Most all have probably had someone at a party, we didn't want to but, we can't kill them for it. Or at least try. So in conclusion Tybalt is most at fault because he didn't listen to Lord Capulet, killed Mercutio, and then came back to make more trouble. Afterwards think about what would happen to you if you killed someone who came to a party who was not supposed to. Just think about
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