How Did Ulysses Grant Help African American

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Ulysses Grant fought in many bloody, historic battles, but could not stand the sight of blood. Ulysses Grant was the 18th president of the United States and he made our country a strong powerful nation. He was a commanding general and he led the Union army to victory in the American civil war (Ulysses S. Grant). He helped revolutionize America and gain rights for African Americans by helping to create the 15th amendment. Our country thought that he really helped end all the inequality in our country and make a stronger nation. Ulysses Grant helped the passage of the 15th amendment which led to African American voting rights, races being more equal, and African American freedom. First of all, Ulysses Grant helped African Americans gain protection…show more content…
The races started to gain the same rights whether they were white or African Americans. According to John Buescher no state can deny anyone of their rights of life, liberty, and property (Buescher). Now it was not just the whites who had those 3 main rights the African Americans gained those rights as well and they became a more equal society with whites. The whites do not only have those 3 rights now, but they also could now vote and be a part of the voting process. John Buescher stated, any citizen could now vote no matter what race. So the African Americans gained another right to gain equality and move towards the whites in power (Buescher). The nation was turning into an equal nation with the same amount of power as the whites. According to the article “Equality in African-American Politics,” “While the Declaration of Independence proclaimed equality, the Constitution did not, and it was not until after the Civil War and the adoption of the Fifteenth Amendment that the Constitution was amended to formally commit the nation to equality” (Equality in African-American Politics). In other words, the nation was shifting from a white dominated society to an equal society where the whites were not as dominant anymore and the African Americans gained rights. The 15th amendment that was passed by Grant helped gain equality in power, politics, and identification between…show more content…
He led African Americans to freedom of voting and their opinion being recognized. According to the book, Constitutional Amendments, “The Act focused on 7 southern states (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia) and outlawed restrictive voting requirements that denied the right of a U. S. citizen to vote because of race, color, or membership” (Pendergast et al. 313). Therefore the African Americans now had the freedom to vote and have a say in government decisions. Many organizations have tried to help form more freedom for African Americans by creating protests. According to article “Voting Rights Struggle,” “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, various black individuals, and other civil rights organizations continued to work through the political and judicial systems to overturn the legal obstacles, and some progress was made including the outlawing of grandfather clauses (1915) and the white primary (1944)” (Voting Rights Struggle). As a result, they created an association that created two clauses that helped change the laws and give more freedom to African Americans. The South started to give African Americans responsibility and representation in government. According to the video “The Failure of Reconstruction,” the struggle between North and South shifted from the battlefield to the
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