How Did Vasco Da Gama Influence The World

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The Renaissance period produced many historical figures that influenced the world. These figures include authors, inventors, composers, political figures, philosophers, and explorers. One example would be Vasco da Gama from Portugal. He became famous and achieved success due to his discovery of first ocean route from Europe to India and Asia. This discovery changed the trade markets in Europe and allowed Europeans to easily access to spices and other common goods from Asia. Da Gama’s great achievement pioneered the establishment of new sea route to India which led to enhance in commerce, participation by other countries, improvement in maritime knowledge, conversions, and initiating slavery. The Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama was born to a noble family in small coastal town named Sines around 1460. Even before his birth, Prince…show more content…
After Prince Henry died, King John II of Portugal continued his legacy and hoped to establish both a land route and sea route to India. In 1497, King John II appointed Vasco da Gama as the captain and commissioned the expedition to Africa to the port of Calicut, located on the west of India. Da Gama sailed from Portugal on July 8, 1497 with a four-vessel fleet and rounded the southern tip of Africa and named it Cape of Good Hope on November 22. After this event, he reached Mozambique, Malindi, and finally Calicut. Although he returned with small accomplishments, he found the new sea route to India.
Vasco da Gama influenced Renaissance era by enhancing commerce in Europe. Many European countries including Portugal looked for the sea route to reach India and Asia for the spices and other goods. However,
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