How Did Voltaire Impact Society

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Imagine a world without freedoms, use of scientific reasons, and many more intangible existences. If philosophical thinkers did not exist, humanity may not have these privileges. Voltaire was one amongst the many philosophers. Voltaire was a prominent author and intellectual thinker. He is known from the Enlightenment period for his various writings. Voltaire caused many confrontations due to his belief in religion, politics, and slavery, but he was also thought very highly of. He believed humanity was disgraceful, but they could be improved by using knowledge and reason. The beliefs and practices of Voltaire are still used in today's society.

Voltaire was born nearly 300 years ago in France. His mother, Marie Marguette D'Aumard,
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Although some did not agree with Voltaire's beliefs, he continued to fight for them. Voltaire is known to be an atheist, so he fought especially hard for freedom of religion. This strike broadened beliefs amongst the people, and it separated the church and states decisions. This developed a great shift in the world because religion and government discussions did not intervene with one another.

Voltaire opened a broad spectrum of beliefs and practices in our world today. In our constitution we are granted the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom of the press, etcetera. Voltaire contributed to this by fighting for what he believed in no matter the consequence. The right to think freely has developed a major diversity in humanity, and it has now created science and knowledge to back up beliefs.

In conclusion, Voltaire was a determined man. Although he was disdained for his beliefs and opinions, he continued to write and share his knowledge with others. Voltaire influenced humanity so strongly, and he created the ability to separate from one specific religion. The intellectual thinking of Voltaire has continued its way into today's society and has been challenging minds ever since. The thoughts of philosophers has greatly impacted the way our world is viewed
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