How Did Voltaire Write Voltaide

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Francois-Marie Arouet known as Voltaire, a poetry and play writer who was very bold and insubordinate since he was a child. He was a French writer during the Age of Enlightenment, and his passion for satire’s caused him enemies along the way. From early on Francois-Marie went from studying law to a play writer, his poem La Henriade was the first of many that had satirical attacks on the religion and government, this unsettled the government and this led to his incarceration for eleven months. While there he focused on his writings; he wrote his play Oedipus which established his successful career. After then he adopted the name Voltaire, and it was as almost a detachment from his past life into his future life. Someone so direct and courageous…show more content…
He wrote this based on the experiences he had in English but since it was published in French later, it was seen to hold an attack on the French governmental system. It was banned immediately and he was forced to leave France. During this exile he continued to write plays but later on focused on world civilizations, for example his work on Essay on the Customs and the Spirit of the Nations, where he took a unique approach for the subject. After that time, Voltaire began working more on his philosophical work; all his frustrations created his best work Candide in 1759, which portrays a satire religiously and philosophically optimistic. Being very critical on Catholicism, he thought the bible was an outdated source even though it had good scriptures. He took interest in the Islamic religion in which he thought was very barbaric or a genuine humane religion: as well as Hinduism. His interest in different religions, actually inspired famous quotations in his different works for example “All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds” which is from his famous novella Candide. Voltaire wrote Candide as mocking to the idea that God created it all; since he does not believe in the existent of God he mocks the idea. Voltaire as a philosopher took the advantage of the beliefs of other people and since God is perfect, he created an Enlightenment novella that illustrates characters who believe in the “good of all evil”. You could say he created characters that mock his ideas of God. Voltaire portrays Pangloss as a philosopher that has a belief of the “best of all worlds” view; and the belief is received by the guileless Candide. Throughout the satire it is based on Candide being optimistic about all tragedies that are taking place. At the beginning he is a pure man and as the journey’s take place he become more mature with all the
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