How Did Walt Disney Change The World

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There are so many incredible leaders, innovators, and people that changed the course of history that deserve the honor of a King’s college house being modeled after them. Through all of these spectacular people, one stands out: Walt Disney. In a college that honors world leaders, and political aficionados, it is challenging to picture how someone who enjoyed sketching holds any importance, but Walt Disney was truly a person that changed the world, and he reintroduced a Christian ideal that is so often forgotten, innocence. Born in 1901, Walt Disney was a man of many dreams. He grew up in a small town called Marceline, Missouri, and even as a small child, Walt loved art, and that love only became stronger. As he grew up, he fought his way to success. Finally, after many hardships and struggles, he became the success story that we all know him as today, by creating the first ever full-length animated film, and changing the film industry all together. Walt didn’t stop there, he kept dreaming, and soon imagined a park where all of his creations could come to life, which we now know as Disneyland. Walt was not just an innovator, he challenged the way people viewed childhood. He emphasized the importance of imagination, dreaming, and innocence. These values that are so…show more content…
He made a world where innocence is cherished, good beats evil, and love triumphs all, each of which are important King’s ideals, and life lessons. He also paved the way for the film industry, for films that can teach children about morals, and about the right way to live. In addition, he created relatable characters. Anyone can look at a Disney film and be able to relate to them, watch them follow their dreams, and learn that they themselves can do the same. Walt Disney is a strong role model, and would be a perfect fit for a house at King’s because he continually shot for the stars and aimed for the impossible, and he
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