How Did Walt Disney Impact Society

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Walt Disney made many films for Americans during the Great Depression and harsh times of the Second World War. He impacted Americans psychologically and politically through his movies; but he impacted Americans socially through his characters. Walt Disney created everyone’s favorite character “Mickey Mouse” to entertain children and adults alike. He started making movies to bring happiness to everyone during the Great Depression, but what not everyone knows, he was labeled as a “Nazi.” During World War II, he made propaganda films for the Allies while attending the Nazi rallies. Although, Disney made many propaganda films to support Allies war effort, he impacted everyone during the war that’s still impacting us today with media. There are some issues that are impacting the media socially though. However,…show more content…
The reason why Roy was involved was because Walt Disney asked him for money to make Disneyland, but Roy wouldn’t just give him the money. Disney had to make up his own money but his brother was there to support him and help. Walt Disney went through some struggles to make his dream come true, and that was to make a theme park. Walt Disney tried to reach for his goal to entertain kids around the world. After Disneyland was created, Walt Disney made many programs, “Some people would volunteer to help cook for the homeless at Disneyland” (Richardson 36). Walt Disney let volunteers join in and help the homeless and make sure the homeless at least got a hot meal. On the contrary, some believed that these volunteers weren’t from America, “Some have accused Disney of bringing in people and forcing them to work from different countries”(Richardson 37). Small groups believed that Walt Disney was forcing people to work without pay. These groups have tried to make Disney look bad for our society because of a
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