How Did Walt Disney Impact The World

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Imagine being in Disney World for the first time, the characters are all around, creating the most magical experience possible. They are signing books, having conversations, and spreading happiness and smiles all throughout the parks. This is the best ordeal ever, but is it really happening? Yes, it is really happening, and the man who created this park goes by the name of Walt Disney. He was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5, 1901. As Disney was growing up, his father never allowed him to play with toys, and he always had a bitter attitude towards his children. Disney hated his father’s perspective of life, so when he grew up, he wanted to create a cheerful environment for children (“Walter”). Disney not only created parks, but he also developed many other creations that brought joy to children all over the world. Walt Disney used his cartoons, films, and theme parks to impact the world. He set high standards for the entertainment business with these endeavors, catching people’s attention with his creativity and imagination.
One way that Walt Disney made a lasting impression on the world was through his cartoons and animations. Disney loved to draw from a young age, he attended art classes and worked a variety of jobs as a cartoonist. After building a stable
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He was a brave risk taker who set high standards for the entertainment business. He dazzled society with his cartoons, films, and theme parks. The world was astonished by his creativity and imagination that went into his products. Many found comfort and satisfaction from Disney’s creations, making them very pleasant and cordial. His company grew larger and larger with the enormous amounts of success. Disney’s company is still thriving and living out his legacy. Today, movies are still being produced, new merchandise is being sold, and there are two TV channels in his honor. The company is loved more than ever and will continue to make dreams come
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