How Did Walt Disney Shaped American Culture

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Walter Elias Disney was born December 5th, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. His parents Elias and Flora had five children, four sons Herbert, Raymond, Roy and Walt then daughter Flora. Walt admired and followed his brother Roy throughout his lifetime. At age five the Disney’s moved to a farm purchased by Elias in Marceline Missouri. Marceline would create the best childhood memories for Walt and later become the inspiration for Main Street USA at Disneyland in California. When the family farm failed, the Disney’s relocated to Kansas City in 1922. Elias worked for a newspaper delivery, Walt at age 11, would rise at 3:30 am daily to distribute the route, even in the snow and rain. Walt had an admirable work ethic even at a young age. In 1917…show more content…
In his biography, Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, Neal Gabler describes how Walt Disney reshaped American culture through his constant desire to improve. This pursuit resulted in the reinvention of animation, gradually turning it from a novelty that focused on movement and elasticity of a line, into an art form that emphasized character, narrative and emotion. (Gabler) Walt’s vision did not stop at that. Next, sound became the new vision; he would put sound to the animation. Not knowing how it would be received did not deter him or his followers. By this time Walt’s vision had penetrated the studio, everyone worked hard because they understood the vision and believed in it. Walt has breathed life into the dreams and visions. The employee’s belief in the vision and its enthusiasm ignited the flame that drove the inspiration. In the early 1950s, Walt was making plans for Disneyland, new visions began to emerge. Walt was extremely dedicated to making the park different than any other amusement park or entertainment. The success of Disneyland inspired more challenges to improve technology and to grow by stretching the imagination. Walt Disney’s leadership for inspiring others is apparent in the legacy that he left. The Disney Corporation continues to be the leader in advancing…show more content…
By definition a transformational leader changes the status quo by engaging his followers in seeing their own values and therefore the ability to see the vision. Walt was an innovator, constantly challenging the latest technology. He never wanted to compete in the current market; his desire was to create a new market. As each of his visions became reality the next one would appear, never seizing. Walt’s dreams came to life because he was able to engage in rhetoric, had a quality image and trust, and he demonstrated effective leadership style that transformed over the years. Walt’s charisma was how he created and maintained the ability to inspire and motivate others, the result is apparent in our society. The Disney name stands for quality and wholesomeness, and has a clear competitive advantage. Walt died nearly 50 years ago and his influence has been imbedded in the parks and products bearing the Disney name. In her research, Betsy Francoeur concluded that Disney exceeds all the criteria for a successful and sustainable brand. (Francoeur

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