How Did Walt Disney's Dream Come True?

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This paper will explain how Walt Disney Reinvented the Theme Park and made millions of dreams come true. I decided to write on this topic because millions of people visit Disney Parks every year, and don’t know how it started. We will start at the very beginning with how Walt came up with the idea for a new kind of theme park. My main goal is to tell the story of how Walt Disney made his dream a reality and created a place where people of all ages ' dreams come true Walt Disney decided to take his two daughters to various amusement parks around the world in the 1930s and 1940s. (W7) While sitting on a bench watching his daughters ride on a carousel. He came up with the idea to build a theme park where parents could have fun alongside their kids, rather than watch the kids have all the fun. (W12) Walt wanted his theme park to be unique and wanted to avoid some of the problems that plagued other amusement…show more content…
(W8) In Frontierland, you could ride in authentic Conestoga wagons and stagecoaches, visit an Indian Village, or ride on a real steam paddle boat named the Mark Twain. Adventureland is an exotic tropical place in a far-off region of the world. (W8) In Adventureland, you could cruise down several rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America on the Jungle Cruise. You never know what you will run into on this wild boat ride, it features many audio-animatronic animals, waterfalls, and many other wild scenes. (W14) This attraction features plants from 6 continents and seven different types of bamboo. (W11) You can also see what Walt Disney imagined pirate life was like in Pirates of the Caribbean. “Tomorrowland was created to take a look at the marvels of the future”, Walt Disney said. (W8) You could ride the innovative People mover, and get a bird’s eye view of Tomorrowland. Kids could learn how to drive automobiles in Autopia, or you could ride a rocket to the

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