How Did Washington Contribute To Early Education

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Washington was born a slave on a plantation in Franklin County, Virginia where his mother was a cook. His childhood on the plantation was miserable and hard, he and his brother, sister and mother slept on a bundle of rags laid on the plantation 's kitchen floor where they lived.. He never had time to play as a child but work as a slave and he said he does not remember sleeping in a bed until after they were free by the Emancipation Proclamation. It was just living like in hell on the plantation; the slave 's life was been dictated by the white men and didn 't have a life of their own. Washington never knew his father, never provided for him but he thinks he is a white man who lived o n a nearby plantation. He never had anything against his unknown father and didn 't press hard to know or ask his mother because he didn 't want just a biological father but a mental one. He was a very strong and brave child who didn 't judge the political situation at the time, he never had a self pity on himself rather saw the slaves as a…show more content…
Washington 's early education was first influenced by his mother, and Viola Ruffner, wife of the owner of the mines and the other women who made an impact to his struggles later in his life. He was blessed and surrounded with both good black and white women; most of the people that made him succeed were women. His mother was a supportive and positive woman, she bought him a spelling book and encouraged him to learn, Washington showed a positive interest in learning how to read by himself without a teacher. she wasn 't educated but was very ambitious for her children. She taught Washington a lot of morals as a child, she was so smart and creative that she made Washington a hat when he needed one to wear to school from different piece of cloth because she couldn 't afford to get him one. She taught him how to survive without a debt which helped him while he was building the school in Alabama. I think he got his mind, intelligence and smartness from
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