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Kelly Sprague 2/8/16 P.6 Valley Forge After Philadelphia was taken by the British, the continental army had to pull back to Valley Forge, since they were unprepared to fight. Valley Forge was a good location. It was 22 miles from Philadelphia. Washington chose a spot on the Schuylkill River, which could be defended incase the British attacked. The Continental army would be staying in Valley Forge for the winter. Even though no battle was fought at Valley Forge, Washington and his Continental Army fought against hunger, disease, and winter. Valley Forge was the site for the winter encampment of the Continental Army in 1777-1778. In the fall of 1777, the British had taken Philadelphia. Washington’s army tried to stop the British, but they failed. So, now the British army occupied Philadelphia, and they stayed there for the winter. On December 19, 1777, Washington’s army arrived into camp at Valley Forge. They were very tired, cold, hungry, and were lacking much training needed. Washington chose Valley Forge, because it was a settled area. The local people could give them food and clothing if they wanted to, but Washington never forced anything upon them. It was a very good place for defense. It would be very…show more content…
They have an exhibit called, “Determined to Persevere.” It talks about the lives of soldiers during the winter encampment of 1777-1778. You can touch muskets, and even see how Washington lived in such tough conditions. They have programs inside the huts, to teach what it was like living in them. Washington’s headquarters are still there, and they replicated some buildings. There are statues and monuments throughout the park. For example, they have a statue of Baron von Steuben who had a great impact on the soldiers at Valley Forge. The park has picnic areas to eat, while admiring the scenery. Every April, there is a “Revolutionary Run” in the park. They even have a trail along the Schuylkill
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