How Did Water Affect Ancient Egypt

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Globally, the agricultural sector consumes about 70% of the planet's accessible freshwater . Water is an indispensable resource to help build a stronger economy. In many cases, the water helped develop a stronger civilization in Ancient Egypt. The Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to build an agriculture system with the help of the Nile River. Moreover, the water helped transport goods faster through traveling in a boat. Water helped establish a stronger and more stable infrastructure which led to development of roads and bridges. Also, by traveling faster the Egyptians were able to spread their ideas faster through cultural diffusion. This paper shall attempt to take a closer look at how water helped develop a stronger…show more content…
In many instances, it helped establish a strong economy for the Egyptians. Since the Nile River was the source of water for farming, the Egyptians were able to discover new ways to make a use of the water. As a consequence, the Egyptians developed a strong irrigation system that would establish their life much simple. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the flooding from the Nile River was a gift. In order to grow crops, the Egyptians built large basins that helped them divert the flood water to spread throughout the soil. Whenever, flooding occurred, it deposited a rich layer of soil ideal for growing crops. The black soil that was deposited contained rich minerals and acted as a fertilizer to help grow crops. Likewise, the new soil would be lodged on top of the used soil and will help refresh and reshape the surface soil. The surface soil is responsible for storing minerals and nutrients in order for the crops to grow. In order to prevent over flooding, the Egyptian’s developed sophisticated tools such as canals that helped trap the flood water and stash away the excessive water as a reservoir for later use. The Egyptians anticipated for three seasons so they could plant their crops based on the seasons. The Akhet season, also known as the flooding season lasted from June- September. Farming can`t be done because the floods made it difficult to set crops. Likewise, the floods destroyed any

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