Essay On White Supremacists

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According to law, civil rights are something that everyone is given. However, history has shown that this is not always the case. Some Americans believed that all people should not be equal, and stood in the way of equality. These people were known as white supremacists. Although white supremacist groups were peaceful at first, they became some of the most violent hate groups ever.

White supremacists affected segregation and discrimination extremely. Their actions made segregation and discrimination worse for African Americans and harder for them to handle. White supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) used violence in order to control and make African Americans’ lives worse (splcenter). The KKK would lynch, flog, beat, burn, shoot,
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Their main predator was the KKK. The KKK would terrorize them and most of the time, the blacks wouldn’t do anything against them. They had so much courage to be beaten alive and just take it. Sometimes the blacks would just avoid whites totally. The African Americans would peacefully protest and perform sit-ins, all in the effort to settle the situations without using their fists. Many believe that this was truly amazing that they could do that. African Americans were breaking barriers without being physical and the whites did not like this. Another way that African Americans would express their feelings were through freedom rides (History). Blacks would go on bus trips through the south in the 1960s to protest against segregated buses. The freedom rides ended up being one of the most successful ways that African Americans would protest. Lastly, African Americans would use speeches to express how they truly felt. One of the most famous speeches to date was Martin Luther King Junior’s I Have A Dream speech. In his speech, he talked about wanting to end racism and the fact that all men are created equal and are equal. African Americans may have had a tough time at the beginning of their battle to end racism, but they have truly made an impact on the world today. Even though there are still racist people today, our world would most likely be prominent with a lot of racism today, if it weren’t for people like Martin Luther King
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