How Did Whitney Chadwick's Influence On Society

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Whitney Chadwick writes about the history behind what artists do and why along with the influences on society. She looked at the art pieces that she chose and gave a well listed history on the subjects she chose. She tells the fact, not giving her emotions, but the truths of what it was that happened very plain. It is as if it just is what is and there is not joy or sorrow that it happened. She translates the meanings and has assumptions to why something was inspired and she gives them. Her way of writing is very straight forward and she backs up what she says with history. Talking about the different time periods and how people thought at the same time. She compared different artists, male and female to one another, so that a total picture…show more content…
She wrote about different pieces she created such as Marlene (1930). Talking about what inspired the piece such as The Blue Angle and its actress Marlene Dietrich (Lavin). Lavin talked about why some things were actually created such as the word “Marlene” and that they were actually written to seem like a fan had written them on the wall. Lavin had an idea that the piece was a deliberate allusion to Dietrich and that it was full of sexual signs. The woman’s legs on the pedestal and the woman’s mouth in the corner of the picture as well as the men staring up at the legs are all supposed to actually be sexual. It is important to know why a piece is primarily created as well as the messages behind them. Reclaiming Female Agency is all about why something is initially created and the reason behind the artist’s style. For them it is just as important to the piece being named for the artist. Broude and Garrard along with all the artist they used to feel that if the artist was raised by an artist or had great tragedies happen to them as important to what they created and why. One artist’s story that stuck with me was Artemisia Gentileschi and what was also said about women killing men and others by Garrard. It was eye-opening how empathetic; she was about the things that had happened to Gentileschi. Hearing the sadness in Garrard’s words as she told of Gentileschi’s

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