How Did Wifi Change The World

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When you think about it most people use Wifi everyday. If our world didn 't have Wifi, we wouldn 't be able to do most of things we can do right now. Hedy Lamar made the frequency hopper. The reason Hedy made the frequency hopper was to help win World War 2. Thanks to the invention we won the war. Wifi also helped us improve our communication and Internet. The invention of Wifi, throughout the years, has changed the way we communicate and see the world. Communication, it first started off by mailing a letter, but today we can just pick up a phone and call. Without Wifi, it would take so much more time than what we do right now. Back then we had to write a letter. The letter would take many days or weeks before reaching the other person. Then, you would have to wait until they send it back to hear what they have to say about the topic. That could take a long time, but now within three…show more content…
If we didn 't win World War 2 our live would 've been much different. During World War 2, many people were under the Nazi rule. Wifi helped us out with this victory. The frequency hopper that Hedy Lamar made was meant to help the Allies. The invention created a system where 's he Allies could communicate in a secret. They came up with a strategy to win the war with this device. This had a huge impact on my life because I am Jewish and if Hitler was still in power I probably wouldn 't even be here today. Throughout the years, we now see and communicate with the world easier, with the invention of Wifi. Now it is so much easier and quicker to reach out to those who live far from us. I can call my family whenever I want to and wherever I want to. The Internet also uses Wifi and now people could use it so much quicker than what it used to be. Wifi had a big impact on us winning World War 2. Thanks to Hedy Lamar and the frequency hopper we aren 't under Hitler 's rule. Wifi helped so many people around the world, that people even take Wifi
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