How Did William Pitt The Younger Maintain Charlotte Britain

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William Pitt The Younger: Maintain Prestige Britain William Pitt the Younger was always driven by change. He wanted to make the world a better place and the first step would be to abolish the slave trade. William Pitt the Younger tried to get through to the British people by convincing them to continue to be the best country in the world. William Pitt the Younger to maintain prestige they had to boost the economy, boost patriotic pride, and set an example among other countries by abolishing the slave trade. During the slave trade Britain’s economics was thriving through all the imports and exports on trade. Planters, slave owners, stock holders on slaves, even banks made a profit. During this period, they helped the economy out a lot but times change. In the early 1800s the slave based goods became less needed because the industrial revolution started a new beginning for Britain. With all the new inventions such as the steam engine, lightbulb, steamboat, spinning jenny, railroad and the telephone, slaves weren’t really needed because they…show more content…
Everyone wants to be able to love their country and agree in what it stands for. Patriotism unites a country, but in order to maintain patriotic pride Britain was the first country to start the slave trade and many countries followed in her example. “I trust, in general, are now likely to be delivered from the greatest practical evil that ever has afflicted the human race- from the severest and most extensive calamity recorded in the history of the world,” (Safire 658). Britain was taken over by pure evil, and that evil must come to an end. William Pitt the Younger is determined to continue to make Britain the best country in the world by continuing to be the first to set an example to the world. Many country’s follow by Britain’s example and Britain once to continue to be followed and for them to be the first to end the slave trade would make them look good and they
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