How Did William Shakespeare Impact Society

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The Impact of William Shakespeare on American Society “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” These famous lines from William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” represents how Shakespeare is one of the most dramatic writers from his time. Shakespeare began his career during the reign of Elizabeth, which is often referred to as the Elizabethan Era or The Golden Age of Elizabeth because England was flourishing. Shakespeare was a poet, writer, and an actor, often regarded as the greatest writer in English language. There is no doubt that Shakespeare’s fascinating life has an impact on his writing. He acted in many plays and became very popular in Elizabethan theater. The use of specific characters and language helped Shakespeare broaden his audience to appeal to the noble class and the lower…show more content…
Julius Caesar is a historical piece with added variations to make a stageable play (“William Shakespeare: Plays, Poems, Quotes, and Biography”). The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a very popular play because of its plot. From the article “Why do We Still Care About Shakespeare,” the play is a conspiracy to assassinate the emperor and includes components of murder, political treachery, and justice. Brutus is one of the main characters featured in the play because of his role in taking down Caesar (“William Shakespeare: Plays, Poems, Quotes, and Biography”). Brutus ends up killing Caesar, and then dies but he still believes that killing Caesar was the noble thing to do (“William Shakespeare: Plays, Poems, Quotes, and Biography”). Caesar's death is only included in a few scenes to create drama (“William Shakespeare: Plays, Poems, Quotes, and Biography”). Shakespeare’s influence is still seen through theater, movies, philosophy, and the English language. These two plays, with dozens of other plays and poems, illustrate William Shakespeare's impact on American
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