How Did Winston Churchill Become A Charismatic Leader

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Winston Churchill was born into a society and country of greatness. His family, the Dukes of Marlborough, was of the elite class of the superior London. With his surroundings having such high standards, his father, Lord Randolph Churchill expected greatness from him; however, he struggled to achieve this as a child. School and academics did not come easy for the boy (Best 6). The struggle pushed him to be creative and think outside of the box, something that aided and distinguished him throughout all of his life. Winston Churchill’s childhood revolving around the neglect from his father prepared him to handle certain situations as a leader because he showed to be eager to be in power, to be an overachiever, and to be a charismatic leader. Churchill could never satisfy his father as a child. He lived constantly trying to please the figure he adored who neglected him so much. He became powerless. Because of the neglect he received from his father and being told he was a disappointment, Churchill wanted to justify that he could do something to make him proud. The drive to impress his father sparked the beginning of his eagerness to gain power (Best 4). Churchill also felt the need to prove himself to his peers who bullied him…show more content…
The neglect he received from his father always put him down emotionally, so when he became one who had authority over others, he made sure that he fostered an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for them. Whether is was when he was Prime Minister one of the two times or serving in the House of Commons, Churchill acted as a charismatic leader. He carried out his leadership with strength and charisma, once again proving to his father and peers he did have the capabilities. The men who worked with him and the people of Britain accepted and welcomed his ways because they liked him (Best
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