How Did Wollstonecraft Contribute To A Vindication Of Women's Rights

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First, she needed a platform to share her ideas and arguments. Breaking the silence of the oppressed would silence the oppressors. Wollstonecraft had many ideas that validly argued for equality and rights for women. However, there was no way for her to spread her ideas to a large audience as they were controversial and radical. But, Joseph Johnson, a radical publisher who owned the magazine “The Analytical Review,” gave Wollstonecraft a chance and punished her first book, Thoughts on the Education of Daughters. This opened many doors for Wollstonecraft and she became a regular contributor to “The Analytical Review.” However, even though Wollstonecraft had her works published this did not mean they were widelyaccepted. Her ideas were viewed as unrealistic and received a lot of backlash. Many of her ideas were shadowed by the actions of her personal life. She had two children out of wedlock and for many years this was what she was known for instead of her ideas of equality.…show more content…
1792 is the year of Mary Wollstonecraft’s greatest work which produced lasting ideas and influences that continue to be relevant today. A Vindication of the Rights of Women is a continuation of Wollstonecraft’s ideas about education. She says in order to create equality for men and women, it has to be started in education. She produces the idea of a new education system where boys and girls studied together and learned the same
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